❤️ Happy Valentine's Day for you Cofounders - May i ask how your commitment was established?

Omar Alles
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What a beautiful excuse, today, to celebrate the commitment between (at least) two people sharing a common goal. Finding the right cofounder seems so difficult to me, but let's suppose you find it. I was wondering today how a commitment like this might be established in advance, specially with someone that you may not already know. It seems to me that this kind of relationship has to do a lot more with love and feelings than with metrics, trust in advance and willing to enjoy the journey. Please, feel free to prove me wrong. Lets suppose you find the right one, a passionate partner, bringing to the table what you donot have, willing to take some risks with/for you. It seems unrealistic to be meassuring the degree of commitment of each part all the time, but even in a healthy romantic relationship, there is a minimum to be expected from the other part though. How do you do it? How do you document this agreement in advance? are there any kind of metrics to be applied? Is there a clear hierarchy anyway, and a cofounder is just a cheap solution to one's dream and that s all? Can an exit door be defined in case things dont work? Just wondering ... For you Cofounders! ❤️
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