Do you text yourself?

Jason Piao
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I tend to text myself reminders and small notes. I prefer to text myself than use a traditional notes app. Are there any others that do this or just me? 😅


Alex Hartnett
To do this, I use Trello and ToDo List, they have all the necessary functionality, and it is also convenient to work with someone but I rarely use this with someone, I just like organized messages
Ryan Farrell
I do this also when I see a good article I want to read but don't have the time.
Richard Shepherd
Quite often I ask someone else to text me. Or we ask Siri to create a reminder if we're out and need to remember to do something. Or I write it down in Notion but I don't think I've ever texted myself. Didn't know you could to be honest.
Jeremy Cleverly
I email myself each morning; not sure if that counts. I'm a horrible sleeper, but the upside is that I often have creative thoughts come to me while I'm laying in bed. In order to not forget them I keep an open draft of an email addressed to myself on my phone each night as I go to bed...if I think of something I quickly add a sentence to the email - just enough to jog by memory in the morning.
Jason Piao
@jeremy_cleverly Do you just go back to see everything you emailed yourself whenever you want to read your notes?
Jeremy Cleverly
@jeremy_cleverly @jasonpiao Hi Jason - Yes, I usually hit send on the email as I get up each morning. Once I'm at work, it is then the email I open first. I usually then compile the notes into my list of things to knock out.
Milan Maheshwari
I do this for bookmarking something- articles, links, etc. to check later.
Jason Piao
@milan_maheshwari1 Do you often go back to your messages to see the links you sent yourself? I do this as well but sometimes forget to check again haha
Milan Maheshwari
@jasonpiao I don't check them explicitly tbh. But anytime I remember I had to... I know the links are on my messages.
Jordan King
I text myself when I am away from my pen-and-paper journal and then I transcribe later at home. This eliminates the awkwardness of writing in public (it just looks like I'm texting) and I don't have to worry about losing my journal because I was carrying it around with me.
Md Salehin Khan
Sometimes I email my self
Harri Arain
I'm sure there are many who do this, I do this for keeping tabs on my personal notes. it reminds me of stuff I have forgotten. Although I must admit it hasn't improved my scenario as of yet :P
Ramon Mendez
I text myself typically throughout the day different ideas, marketing concepts, sales ideas, tag lines, etc. Have been doing this for years. I'm an idiot so I will still sometimes text myself and actually get surprised that I got a text, even though I'm the one to send it. ha
Jason Piao
@brandarmy same happens to me! Ill text myself and be surprised to get a notification haha. Do you often check back to your texts? Sometimes I forget to check what I sent myself haha
Tushar Shahi
a one person group on any messaging app you access most often. It's a thing.
Corinne Pelletier
I often do that to have quick acces to documents from both my phone and my computer (using apple)
Abhishek Singh
Yes, typically for bookmarking files and mobile <> web syncing :( Feel's so 20th century though!