Looking for software that will generate a PDF of advice based upon closed questions.

Darren Winter
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A client is looking for a solution which is similar to Typeform or Survey Monkey which asks a bank of questions with answer piping (e.g. if yes show this question, if no carry on) and at the end of the questions it will create a PDF summary of pre-defined advice based upon the answers to the questions. Does anyone know of solutions or what this software is categorised as? Much appreciated.


Corinn Pope
Maybe you could use jotform https://www.jotform.com/help/57-... or hack together a solution with zapier and other nocode tools?
advait vaidya
Hi @futuresgreen , I'm founder of hubbleform.com (it's a Typeform alternative). I can help you with this product you are asking for. You can connect with me mail - advait.postit@gmail.com twitter - https://twitter.com/AdvaitVaidya2
Dwayne Charrington
Hey Darren, Based on your description, Qualaroo might be what you need. The “Piping questions” are known as the branching logic feature in Qualaroo that allows you to create a path for respondents based on their answers. For instance, you can ask how satisfied your customers are with your service or product in a CSAT survey. If customers give you a low score, you can use branching logic to ask them the context behind their feedback and redirect them to an appropriate landing page to increase conversion and retention chances. With its reporting and analysis features, you can analyze the feedback, export the data in a CSV format, and integrate it with Excel.