Do you think that you are working more while at home? If yes, how?

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Richard Shepherd
No commute = more time to work. No one closes the office so I carry on working until I'm done rather than being asked to leave at 5:30pm. In some ways I would prefer to be asked to leave at 5:30pm because at home the end of the day just sort of comes and goes!
@richardesigns Totally makes sense. Happens with me as well. Infact, my lunch breaks have gotten shorter. We clearly miss(need) office.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I agree with @richardshepherd. I also work more at home because I don't have time boundaries. I take longer lunch breaks because I cook. However, I effortlessly work until late at night because I am home alone. It's difficult to set a routine and force ourselves to get off work, especially during the covid lockdown!
@richardshepherd @cica_laure_mbappe I understand. Setting up a proper schedule has been tough and that's sort of resulting in us exploiting ourselves.
Nate Dame
Yes and no. Some days - yes, lots! Other days - not as much (kids interrupting, etc.). I'm trying to start work earlier to accomodate any interruptions, and keep to my rule of "going home" at 5pm and not being online at all at night.
Mr Ethar Alali
Mixed bag I'd say. I've been working from home every year for almost a decade. Some things worth considering 1. Find a boundary strategy and stick to it 2. Don't DEFINITELY make time (life happens) 3. Decide what you want to do in a day - so in accordance with point 2, make it work or do tickets, then stop 4. Touch base with folk when you need to 5. Automate everything else - this s a productivity multiplier 6. If you fancy a day off, just take it My strategy is quite different to other commentators, because I run a business that is anywhere-first anyway. We work around ticket, including pay, and tickets take what they take. Generally, individuals on our team are about 35% more productive on average. Together, this can create 6x greater throughput, depending on the project.
Felix Melchner
I'm not actually working more at home, but I get a lot more done in the hours I work. I assume this is mostly because there are much less distractions at home.
Moritz Wobith
I think I am working more. The biggest obstacle to tackle is to give your day a structure. I do this with a concrete schedule. Furthermore I right down everything I did in a Notebook to see at the end of the day what I have achieved.