Hi Makers! What do you usually use surveys for?

Richard Fang
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Looking to see what everyone uses surveys for! From what I've seen, its usually product feedback but I want to see if I've missed anything interesting πŸ˜„


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You may also get feedback from your executive team or your employees on how you are doing as a founder. If you would like to know more about this, I would urge you to listen to an interview with Philip Rosedale, who is the founder of Second Life. This is from Foundation hosted by Kevin Rose, Episode 3 (start at 40 min 20 sec). He describes an anonymous Survey Monkey survey sent to his executive team every quarter with the following three questions: 1. Should you keep me as a CEO or get a new one? 2. Regardless of your answer to the first question, do you think I am getting better at my job or worse? 3. A text box with the following question: Why?
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NPS tool like SatisMeter is always nice to have, to monitor the health of your product. The some google form for adhock marketing research
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Survey is not that interesting for early stage startup as you do not know what to ask. It is better to schedule some interviews.
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We survey quite a lot for look, feel and understanding of our key messaging. Running a survey right now on the matter for the new look of our website on 99Designs.
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Now I see tendency that people don't like take surveys, they are too busy, and don't care - so we use direct messages if we need to hear an opinion, this type work a bit better for us
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@nolwenn_duval Agree with her if you're early stage don't go for surveys go for user interviews. Surveys are useful once you have reached a stage where you can't personally call everyone for user interviews. Even though our own product is for surveys( SurveySensum) but we only used it once we had more than 200 customers and it was getting hard to call everyone. And Still we make sure, we call at least 5 people for user interviews every month. And if you talk about our clients, they user Surveys for 1. NPS- ( Overall Brand health) 2. CSAT/CES- ( Identify how they are doing on each touchpoint in the user journey, example a SAAS- Onboarding feedback, Support Feedback, Exit feedback) 3. Prioritize feature requests 4. Employee Feedback Hope this helps