Which aspect of your life can't exist without privacy?

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We are entering a digital age, more and more industries are transforming from physical to a digital world (our work, communications, finances, art, etc) If you have an opinion on this topic, please help me to brainstorm on what kind of products can't exist without privacy (please specify what kind of info/data have to be anonymized)? 🤔


Rahul Nair
Any cosmetic products?
@rahul_nair93 do you mean purchasing aspect ?
Julia Ching
@rahul_nair93 No I don't think cosmetic products need privacy. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE PRIVATE.
Eva Dupond
Healthcare & financial investment
Janet Walker
Adult untertainement, would certainly collapse without privacy.
Alejandro Cantarero
Legal services and communication with your attorney.
Ayush Modi
Crypto, VR world I think (not anonymous but pseudonymous). You can basically separate your digital identity from the physical one. Also, Silk Road...
Christophe Garrec
@ayush_ For VR it's getting harder, with the direction Facebook is taking. And there's no other device comparable to the oculus quest ATM.
Ayush Modi
@ayush_ @christopheau True. Can privacy be a differentiating factor for new products entering the space (even at the cost of not as good a headset)? 🤔
Shereen Shermak
Exchanging data that contains personal medical information.
Thomas Wislon
Insurance; you don't want your insurer to advertise how much valuable you are insured for
Jan-Joachim Müller
Well I do not think that any product needs privacy at all in order to exist. It is more like: people need privacy because they do not trust other people. And online products need people to be bought. If those people think you do not handle privacy properly, your product and your very business will suffer. So from this point of view most online products can't exist. I just can't imagine anyone buying a product if they know that their data will be sold afterwards to whomsoever.
Julia Ching
Products like banks' software, business management software that have customers' info, their private data etc. need privacy. For. example Salon owners using a salon software( salonist ) without any privacy than anyone can access their clients data. Their competitors easily access and compete with them