What would you like to get delivered to home during Covid times

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Anything from fresh foods, dried foods, snacks to home supplies


Dragos Bulugean
A cleaning crew, my new office needs it
Paul Woodthorpe
Cakes or Dessert type foods. You always have to make do with chocolate fudge cake from literally every takeaway but it would be good to have a business that catered purely to sweet tooths that delivered in the same way as a takeaway.
@exopaul That kind of service would be awesome haha
Nova Reyes
Definitely something that'll boost my mood! Perhaps like a new dessert every week or a fun trivia game that you can play online with friends that's tailored to all of your interests!
Variety pack of quality tea such as Harney & Sons.
Jasmind Thomas
Heavier items, like condiments or specialty sodas in glass bottles. Also, rarer condiments that aren't in any "ethnic foods" section at a local grocery store.
@jasmind_thomas Rare condiments are too underratd! Specialty sodas sounds great! Thanks for sharing Jasmind!
Laura Nagyová
Some good quality coffee.
Nicholas Johnson
@laura_nagyova I had a similar Idea and found this startup working on delivered coffee. https://www.bottomless.com/
Abe Winter
the moble kitchen / food truck from the fifth element some kind of social distanced, semi-social 'lunch for 2' ramen cart experience
Julia Ching
A big basket of chocos. hahahaha
Ranvijay Singh
Milk, Vegetables & Grocery
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