What is the best way to employ someone in Belgium?

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I'm assuming that you are a distributed team with no legal entity in Belgium and looking to hire a full-time employee there? If that's the case you can use @heyoyster. (http://oysterhr.com/) Oyster can take care of all the employment complexities for you. We support employment in around 70 countries right now. You can drop me an email at sooraj.chandran@oysterhr.com if you have more questions. Disclaimer: I work at Oyster.
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If you're looking for channels to find great candidates, I'd say LinkedIn is quite strong in Belgium. But if you want more of a legal advise on how to organize the employment process, unfortunately, I can't help with that.
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posting on Belgium related job sites or even LinkedIn is an easy way to go
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I recommend Linkedin and filtering by country, that should work
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