GDPR Compliance and cookie consent

Dimitar Dimitrov
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I'm hoping someone here would clear things up a bit for me. I'm working on a small web app that (hopefully) will have paying customers. I have a landing page that has Google Analytics enabled. I'm anonymizing the IP addresses sent to GA. Do I still need a cookie consent? I see many popular startups that have no cookie consent banners - for example: discourse, nomadlist both use GA, but don't have banners. Notion is using a ton of cookies and has no cookie consent banner. Basecamp is using cookies for analytics (from what I read it's an in-house solution) and have no banner. On the other hand you have Stripe that has a cookie banner + cookie settings page, same with AirBnB. Twitter for example has a banner just like PH that just notifies you that they use cookies with no setting to reject them. Even the banner here on product hunt does not appear to be GDPR compliant (???) - because it's apparently not enough to just notify users that you use cookies, but you have to give them the option to disable "non-essential" cookies? Is this even the case? I don't know anymore. I'm very confused and I read a bunch of conflicting things on this topic and the whole GDPR thing has overwhelmed me a bit. One of the problems is that the things I've been reading all over the internet is mostly written by companies that try to sell you GDPR compliance "solutions" etc. Can someone clarify things a bit, and point me in the right direction?
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