What types of "workarounds" have you had to come up with because of limitations of your tools?

Rowe Morehouse
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What was the problem? What was your fix, or workaround? Could be some software, your dev tools, a work process, your stereo/tv, your car, your life, etc. What clever workaround did you have to figure out?


Greg Barbosa
Recently worked on a client project that needed a landing page for an upcoming Facebook Ad. The site is currently using WordPress, WooCommerce, and a hand-coded ZURB foundation theme (not updated since 2015). For weeks I couldn't figure out how to keep costs low and build a landing page quickly without having to code something from scratch. Then one day I remembered WordPress' Block Editor. Using a mix of custom CSS and creative block layouts, I was able to successfully get something up and running. Excited to see how the page converts once the ad is live.
Rowe Morehouse
@gregbarbosa Nice. I did a site in Zurb Foundation a long time ago. So you got Wordpress to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you, eh? :)
Rowe Morehouse
— This is a tough question to answer. Isn't everything in software dev kind of a workaround? … For example, today I was trying to copy all available tweets from a specific account. Twitter makes this difficult — I'm sure they have their reasons. — I tried export to .txt, save as .mht & rip from there, tried a google sheets script from @labnol, and finally was successful with a chrome extension scraper called Data Scraper, where someone else had already created a public script for the task. So I got it done, but the whole process was kind of a workaround? — ANYWAY the reason why I asked this question is because it's a PRODUCT IDEA probe. :) ✨✨ You look for places where users have needed to invent a workaround in order to complete their jobs-to-be-done — this is a gap a new product can fill. ✨✨
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