Am I the only one who doesn't like notion UI?

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Everyone likes Notion, but at some point, I don't like it. I don't want to use it because of how it looks, it's just not inviting but I like the features because they are so great. The thing is I found Walling much better: clean, simple, pleasing to eyes. The problem is it doesn't have features like Notion that I really like. Can anyone help me find best note taking app, which has simple and clean UI that gives you more ways to create notes like Notion?


Elen Udovichenko
I feel you! 😖 Hate to deal with notion, but there are few alternatives that are just as popular and powerful. Haven't heard of Walling - it looks somewhat similar to Trello 🤔 Will definitely try it out! I also know people using Evernote (I've been using it too 5-4 years ago but quit since it's become way too bloated and cumbersome). Right now, I'm pretty happy with Keep and Google Docs in my day-to-day work.
@elen_u I did used all of these stuffs long time ago searching for the best note taking app. But right now, Walling UI is the best for me. Note taking app today seems not focusing on the content, but just putting many features that makes it bloated and hard to focus. Try Walling, and you will see how simple and easy to view your notes in a single click. But the problem is they used firebase to store content and my ISP seems blocking this thing. So now I must move and search for another note taking app.
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