What are some proven tactics for product re-launch after a major revamp? ๐Ÿค”

Elen Udovichenko
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We're currently preparing for a major update to our product and brainstorming ideas on how to let the world know about it ๐Ÿ“ข Influencers? Email marketing campaign? PH launch? Anything else? Would really appreciate any ideas/suggestions! ๐Ÿ’™


Daniil Okhlopkov
Definitely upload on ProductHunt again! A lot of companies do that
Pandu Shree
Indiehackers is also a good source of traffic
Elen Udovichenko
@pandu_shree interesting ๐Ÿค” do you think it's suitable for an established company, not a startup or side-project?
Pandu Shree
@pandu_shree @elen_u that's okay, you could share your experience there as an established company, it might interest junior products (indie, SideProjects)
Ramon Mendez
Hacker news is always a good idea. Influencers are great if you have the $ both today and for the coming months. Hard to answer best w/ little info on the product and value prop.
Elen Udovichenko
@brandarmy It's related to our sales engagement platform (B2B, SaaS). Can't share more details for now, but thanks for your input!
Daryl Bartkunsky
Database of newsletter signups? Referral marketing (Invite a friend)
Elen Udovichenko
@sbrands Thanks, referrals actually sound interesting! Could you please elaborate on "Database of newsletter signups"?
Daniel Kaplan
If it's genuinely a major revamp and not just a reskin or interface change (not just like you've added new features that brings you to parity with an existing similarly priced competitor, but that you've really built in a new approach or insight to the business opportunity you're offering to help your customers' with... and especially if there are new ideas and/or novel offerings in it vs competitors in the market segment you're serving, then doing a full-scale product launch sequence (focused on educating the prospect and teaches them something new, whether they choose your product or not)... ...while at the same time telling a true and interesting story of this new product, the insights that led to it, and the remarkable new ways it's going to offer transformative value to the specific segment of the market Reply is going after might be what I'd recommend. This could includes: - A 4-part educational video sequence (one video dripped out per day) that presents the "thesis" behind the new version of Reply (it doesn't have to be revolutionary, just unique in this segment of the market for this to work) as a form of genuinely useful information about (I'd assume) email outreach. These videos should be highly valuable on their own but if effectively structured, each one naturally opens the door to the next one and maintains interest between them. OR - a 30-45-60-minute highly valuable (to the audience) educational webinar (Emphasis on this --->: Not a demo of the product and its features! A story about the promised land that Reply's new version is genuinely capable of supporting its customers in getting to that positions Reply as the bridge between "The Unworkable Status Quo" and "The Genuinely Awesome New Baseline." - A sequence of well-written and authentically helpful emails that builds on and encourages continued engagement in either of the above. - Getting the founder (or most articulate spokesperson) on relevant marketing, sales, and indie-entrepreneur podcasts talking about this new concept/approach/insight and how it's really going to improve the business lives not only of marketing and sales people, but the customers and prospects they're trying to reach. - Writing an in-depth educational blog post (2000-4500 words) that is scannable but also deeply readable that (again) is not about this new version of Reply (per se) but the insight about the state of the industry, challenges and shortcomings of existing approaches, etc that led to the rebuild. - Actively promoting any/all of the above to your existing database of customers, including list targeting on Facebook (and if you have the sophistication or budget to hire for it) Google Display network. - YouTube video ads, too,
Rowe Morehouse
Make the "New Feature" list as long as possible, outlining everything "they get" โ€” like a pricing page. Your new release / revamp is the "premium" option, with more features & benefits.
Elen Udovichenko
@rowemore do you mean showcasing that list on a separate landing page? Thanks for the input!
akshata raikar
One of the simple idea I can think of is "What is the user pain" revamp solves and "how is their today going to be simplified": Detailed blog talking about this will definitely be screened by most user hits, don't deny. Last but not the least "Best keywords to be used in the blog"
Ramy Wafaa
@elen_u 1. Upload to product hunt and offer some sort of a good discount or benefit for the users 2. Ask for feedback and user opinion about the new revamp and take it in consideration (listening is key), maybe even prepare a link to a google form with a small questionnaire 3. Promote on day of launch on every platform you have multiple times 4. Send 1 or even 2 newsletter to you users asking them to give their opinion on the new revamp. 5. Be present to engage and answer questions quickly on product hunt and your live support. 6. Make an update log with the list of new features Good luck, and i wish you well..we're actually going through a big revamp net week so will have the same thing for getillustrations.com ๐Ÿ˜†
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