How are you coping with potential new lockdowns?

Phil Co
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Hey, How are you coping with potential new lockdowns? Does it challenge you mentally, throwing your product plans off the track and vice versa does it increase your motivation to build a product that could help communities and businesses during these difficult times?


Miles Rowley
Hi, initially I was scared. It's been really hard adapting to lockdown in general as a tutor that previously travelled to students homes. Recently though traffic to my site has picked up and I reckon that will help. It's forced me to broaden my reach and offer new products such as a practice paper service, so I guess we learn from adversity!
Aaron O'Leary
The first one was hard. My country is back in one now for 6 weeks, to me, life stays quite normal since I work remotely anyway so that helps.
Phil Co
@aaronoleary Stay strong and don't give up as the situation gets harder in the following weeks/month, perseverance and adapting to changes is the key.
Samuel Briskar
To be honest... lockdown = fewer distractions + more time to work. It is important to keep an eye on mental health.
Khosbayar Zolboo
As a product designer it's been really easy to coupe. Since all my work can be done digitally.
Stephan Louis
"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity." -Sun Tzu
Susan Moeller
With work, I'm thankfully fine, but I'm dreading the holidays if I can't see extended family. And, keeping track of all the rules that now apply in social situations is tiring.
Phil Co
@susan_moeller2 Yes it is tiring but unfortunately we need to stay strong these days and upcoming weeks/months, it is in these darkest of times where we need to be show perseverance and don't give up on our mental health which is very incriminating.
Jane Kim
I live in France, and currently and we don't have lockdowns yet but curfews have been set across the whole country where we need to be home by 9pm every day, indefinitely. We are coping with it and thankful it is not a full lockdown (yet...) , but more worried for our startup which is in the travel and remote working space, with an emphasis on travel. We are in our beta phase now and taking each day as a new opportunity to learn from our beta users, and how to adapt our offering with these changing times.
Moritz Wobith
I try to focus on these 5 steps. This helped me during the last lockdown to improve me and my StartUp: 1. Focusing on being remote 2. Bringing clear structure into my days 3. Set Goals every Morning 4. Do sports regularly 5. Learn something new every day (e.g. via an online course)
Rikki Hillenbrand
Lots of yoga, walks, and talks with friends and family! It is really important to not forget to move around everyday and stay in touch with your people to keep up physical and mental health! 🍀
I'm more prepared nowadays than I was 7 months ago. It was a punch in my stomach, hard to restore. It IS a mental challenge and I recalculated and redid my plans during the lockdown. I'm here to serve as a self-esteem builder through visual arts. especially now, in this delicate moment to world population.
Phil Co
@ms_lyhrb Never give up, every day is a new day where you learn how to cope with an unprecedented and difficult situation. At the end with all the knowledge collected individuals will succeed :)
Vineeth Patil
Social isolation has now become a part of our lives. 2020 has been a blur for many, and the situation keeps getting worse. I was reading a study recently, with a steep increase in the number of mental anxiety and depression cases. Any time I go to a grocery store, I see carts full of alcohol waiting in the long checkout lines. I am only hoping that these new lockdowns do not trigger an impending economic disaster where people lose their jobs. Stay safe everyone, please take care of yourselves. Always remember that moderation is the key.
Phil Co
@vineeth_patil Yes that's totally true! But unfortunately I think that it is getting worse because those in power don't see all the side effects (or don't want to see it). You too, stay safe and don't give up! Take this challenge to become smarter and stronger.
Sreekanth PM
More focus, no distraction. Better results.
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