Can video making app be as good as a professional?

Ana Bibikova
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Hi everyone! I'm watching all these amazing explanatory and promo videos people here use when they launch products and getting more and more convinced they can't be done with template-based cloud video makers (like Moovly, Magisto etc.) Am I right? Do I really have to hire someone to make my product promo video in an old fashioned way (Final Cut??!!). Has anyone here had an experience with descent template-based cloud video editors for your product promo specifically? What would you recommend?


Roman Velitskiy
First of all, if you're talking about using a mobile app there is PowerDirector for Android which has an amazing range of features, and for iOS, there's LumaFusion. But even with simple template-based apps, it's the competence and skill of the maker, not the tool quality, that allows creating great products.
Ana Bibikova
@rvelitskiy it certainly makes sense with the skilled maker. What do you personally use?
Gabriel Ruttner
I'm curious what your time appetite was when trying out DIY tools? Have you thought about taking a short course on Coursera or Pluralsight?
Ana Bibikova
@gaberuttner, I wasn't aware they offer courses on Saas services. I've seen a course of Final Cut Pro - that's mostly it. I was wondering basically, can I do what I see here on PH with Moovly or other template based cloud apps or I need a full control that these services are unable to provide and that you usually get in hosted software. It makes no difference after all, whether I'd do it myself or hire someone. The question is, I guess: can Saas beat hosted or at least be as good as it? :) But thank you for the tip - I'll go search for courses
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