What's the best way to create a pure data site?

Jakob Greenfeld
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The structure I have in mind roughly looks as follows: - A script runs on a server and calculates data which is then saved somewhere. - The data is made available to users by a frontend that pulls in the data. The frontend is static and hosted, for example, on Netlify. Users can't manipulate the data, just view it. What's a good way to achieve this? PS: I've looked at multiple "cloud database" providers but they all seem far too complicated for such a simple use case. PPS: I don't want to use Airtable or Google Sheets but use a proper frontend.


Rodrigo Alarcón
Hi, take a look at https://www.streamlit.io. It allows you to develop a frontend to explore the results of your scripts: tables, dataframes, stats, even text searches, etc. Pretty simple and straight forward to use.