How many times you need to do Yoga and when?

Hasanul Hossain Tomal
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I am trying to collect all #yoga result for my analysis!


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I think stretching everyday keeps you more limber and your blood flowing. If I have time, I do yoga/stretching every morning to start the day.
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Around 10 and 20 minutes everyday. Depends if I do push-ups before or not. Doing yoga/stretching/mobility everyday reduce my sciatic and low back pains, and increase muscles regeneration.
I'm not sure if your question is trying to test each person's knowledge about yoga (how many times we should do), or if it's more in terms of a personal habit. Since I don't know the question to the first one, I'll respond to the second one. I try to do yoga every morning, usually about 10 minutes a day. However usually I do about 3-4 times a week since sometimes I run out of time in the morning. I do want to somehow find more time to be able to do this every day because it makes me feel better in the morning (and ultimately, better during the entire day).
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Practice as often as possible, but do not forget to listen to your feelings. Sometimes it's better to work out on your own for 15 minutes or go to Yoga for beginners and enjoy the tick and the fact that you have become, even a little, closer to your dream (practice yoga regularly) than to go to an hour and a half class for advanced and get exhausted there in the end. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that often in such classes, a second wind seems to turn on, and new forces appear. And it doesn't matter if you study in socks, or ordinary shoes, as Yoga works wonders. The main thing is to find your style and your teacher.