How do you get good Google Pagespeed Insights scores?

Grizella Sotong
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After using some online landing page tools, I realised my Google pagespeed insight score is low. What can I do to improve?


Siv Souvam
You can try this! Check this, it might help you:
Bill Flitter
Slow pages severely hamper conversion. There are a number of factors that affect page speed. The article linked below outlines them nicely and provides details for each. To summarize: 1. Avoid post-click landing page redirects. 2. Enable compression. 3. Minify CSS, HTML, JavaScript. 4. Prioritize above-the-fold content. 5. Speed up server response time. 6. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript. 7. Leverage browser caching. 8. Optimize images. Good luck, -Bill
Douglas Sena
Come on, I'll help you. First you need to understand a little bit about how Google Pagespeed Insights works. This is just a brief description, Sites are made up of cogical HTMLs, CSS and javascrips. I particularly use the minimum code on my website, things like fonts, colors, widgets and low resolution images. As you can see directly on my website I use the minimum, I also use the minimalist theme, everything is simpler. Notice on my website that I use the least amount of code on my website. For me to make more modifications I would have to pay a subscription and use pluggins to maximize performance.
Grizella Sotong
@douglas_sena Thanks, I found this which is free and very useful for anyone to build a super-fast landing page -