All the plastic-alternative information?

Vineet Sinha
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Wondering if there was a singular resource devoted to all things anti plastic, including: 1. Combatting single use plastic 2. Biodegradeable plastic 3. Biocompostable plastic 4. Ocean cleanup 5. Policy / influence on curbing plastic 6. Alternative technologies, from R&D to ordering for your business 7. List of factories making plastic alternative stuff 8. Educational / behavioral change videos Does anything like this exist? Would someone be down to help make one? TIA


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Yes. There are several sources, but in general, you have to seek out professional bodies and dedicated reporting channels form the UN and the EU. In terms of tech, there isn't yet a single, all encompassing directory of innovations in this space. I've launched one called Automedi ( It aims to move care environments to recyclable polymers, while also becoming the alternative care supply chain.
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@ethar_alali checking it out now - good that you are targeting a vertical
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@vineet_sinha Thanks Vineet. I agree. Generally, we've found that horizontals are really hard to sell, unless you are targeting another horizontal service.
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Sounds like a good plan for a website about the topic. As for your question, there is one in Spanish, "Life out of Plastic". You can check it on