āœ… Where do you go to get new business ideas and inspiration? šŸ“ˆ

Sia Mohajer
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What's up my beautiful product people! I'm sorta new to PH, I've been one of those shady lurkers for a long time and decided to recently make an account. I'm wondering where everyone goes to get inspiration and see the other great creative work people are working on? I'm looking for inspiration on design, product ideas and startups. Full Disclaimer - > I'm looking to buy businesses or help other founders who are creating cool stuff. Right now I'm just checking PH daily and Dribble. Where else do badass product ppl hangout and share their awesomeness? I tried startup and product communities but found the majority of ppl there to be newer and had no revenue. Thanks everyone šŸ’–šŸ’–


Jared Cornell
This is such an amazing question and Iā€™m happy to offer my suggestion. Generally speaking, sometimes the best business ideas or inspirations can come directly from your customers or the people you hang out with. Whenever we had to improve our product range or get better ideas on the features we can include, we always asked our customers. Now asking every customer in-person is not a practical idea. So, to make this happen, we used a customer support tool called ProProfs Help Desk (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/) that allowed us to share customer surveys in a jiffy. With every feedback, we were able to become a truly customer-centric business.