Should designers receive royalties?

Kirk Donohoe
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It's common for industrial designers to receive royalties for work they conduct for partners. Do you think digital product designers, who are contracted to conceive and design net new product ideas, should receive royalties on the back of the success of the product? If you're a designer, would you opt for this over equity or full-rate salary?

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I haven't seen this a lot. Usually marketers receive royalty options, because they do consistent work which eventually turns into new users.
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it's an interesting concept. If you were building a product and you hired a contract designer and they proposed a royalty fee on every sale SaaS, say for example e-commerce site - would you be comfortable with that?
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@jval3nti That's the question for sure. They might be more willing to stick around to ensure the product iterates to find problem-solution fit and beyond.
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if designers receive royalties, they will work much better