What apps are people using to collect inspiration for personal and professional projects?

Kirk Donohoe
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There are a lot of apps out there for collecting ideas but I've tended to use different ones to bookmark links, write text notes and just my phone gallery for screenshots and images. What apps are others using for different forms of project based inspiration?


Currently I use Walling 2.0 to collect inspiration for recipe development mainly, it's pretty great! Outside of that then I use a moleskine journal
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@aaronoleary Thanks for sharing!
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I use RealtimeBoard 2.0 (Miro since 2019) - a lot of combination and predefined templates
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@k_piwowarczyk Thanks for reply Karol. Do you find this experience easy to save urls/links, notes, images, screenshots on the go?
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@k_piwowarczyk @kirkdonohoe Kirk, I use Miro everyday because of the things you listed. They have a chrome extension - it's decent - that lets you collect links to a Miro board on the fly. You can also paste content, including links, directly onto a board. One of my favorite features is the way it handles multi-page PDFs. It displays the first page but you can scroll through the pages via an arrow key at the top of the PDF image. They've recently added Miroverse which is a gallery of templates you can use that others have put together (strategy, meetings & workshops, brainstorming, etc. Very useful. Lastly, the collaborative features are solid.
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@k_piwowarczyk @scottwwilliams Thank you so much gents. Great feedback.
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I am using Pinterrest :)
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@robnewt Thank for replying Rob. Do you use Pinterest to save notes, and article style bookmarks/links?
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just apple notes
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@fajarsiddiq Hey Fajar, awesome, thanks for mentioning. Do you find Apple notes convenient for saving and sorting web links, documents; pdf's, google sheets, docs, etc. and images?
I am using Pinterest and Instagram Save Collections for anything personal. Professionally I am a Lucidchart enthusiast. So easy to convey my vision and ideas even at a really early stage.
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@theresa_wernsdorfer1 Great, thanks for your help Theresa. It's been a while since I checked out LucidChart, thanks for the reminder.
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Hi @kirkdonohoe, we're working on something that may suit your needs. It's called Stickies. You can do all of what you described within it. I'd love to have you on to get early access! - https://crucialhuman.com/product...