I'm Pullak, Co-Founder of CSAT.AI, Delivering WOW! Service with real-time QA/Compliance.

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Hi Makers, I’m the Co-founder of CSAT.AI, a Los Angeles based startup that transforms Customer Experience with automated quality assurance/compliance and real-time insights. Until today, Contact Center Quality Assurance and Compliance process has been manual, labor intensive, prone to errors and costly. Typically, 2 - 4% of email, chat, and phone engagements are ever audited. This affects metrics, agent sentiment and customer satisfaction. CSAT.AI solves scaling of QA/Compliance for 100% customer interactions (Email/Chat/Text) in real time. CSAT.AI run on the popular Zendesk platform and is extremely easy to use. As an engineering student, I spent a lot of time learning fuzzy logic that led to a fascination for artificial intelligence. I believe that AI will drastically reduce operational costs by automating data and processing routine tasks. We spent more than 2 years in R&D to develop highly complex deep learning algorithms for our patent pending tool. A month FREE trial is available to show you the benefit of this AI driven tool for your business. I would love to learn about your CX goals at your company and work with you toward achieving them with the help of CSAT.AI. Thank you!
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