Need a suggestion for a membership tool

Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
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Hi, Below is my problem statement. I have several websites and tools and each one have different pricing plan. I don't want to indulge in payment integration hassle. I'd like to manage all of those websites' plans at a single place where I can do the necessary changes and check out my revenue graphs etc. In simple words, I need a tool that can manage my subscription plans where I can create as many plans I want with different pricing and for different websites. For every plan, I should get the public URL and I'll use that URL to redirect my users to make payment. If anyone knows about any such software, do let me know. NOTE: I am not looking for any B2B solution for this one.


Sreekanth PM
Didn't understands your NOTE. there are many platforms other than payment gateways. You can check billsby. Don't know if you are looking for such a platform. In Billsby You can create plans, manage subscriptions, and use their basic checkout page with javascript code. In fact they offer free credit. too. we are evaluating it for our product.