My new app incentivises waste collection with credits

Mattia Di Chiara
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CleanWorld is officially released today, an app with which I want to give my help to the planet against pollution. The purpose of this app is to encourage the collection of waste (whether it is at sea, in the mountains or on the road) in exchange for REAL money. It is very simple, you just need to take a photo of the refusal: for every item you collect you will earn some credit (Pulled out of my own pocket). The purpose of the App is naturally to encourage the collection of waste in an attempt to improve the current situation on our planet that does not seem to touch us but which in reality is much more serious than what we think: continuing at this rate in 2050 in the seas there it will be more plastic than fish. I don't want to stand as a savior of nature, my intention is only to motivate more and more people to protect the environment. For our future.
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