What music do you listen to while working?

David Delahunty
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Looking for some new music to listen to while I'm working. Please share what you listen to below.


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@tomaslau I love poolside :)
Honestly, usually just classical music. I can't listen to music with words when working.
@azeem_khan3 Same, words distract me, I'm more on the drum & bass though. I usually like to listen to mixes like Maduk's one. The one he recorded during confinement is great
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We created and enjoyed the best beats and found a sweet headspace to make some good decisions and enjoyed this great life we have: https://open.spotify.com/playlis...
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Classical music mostly :D
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Mostly K-pop! This is energetic and self-motivating! Here is my playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlis... I can't imagine coding without music! PS: If you know Korean you can feel the song, if not fine you can feel the energy!
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I play mostly rock (Deaf Havana, Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182). But when my work gets too complex, I play Alter Bridge and All Time Low lol
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I listen to worship music a lot of days, but sometimes I can't focus very well with music so I just turn it off.
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Depends on the task, but usually old hits that I know by heart so that my brain doesn't get distracted by novelty. The other day I listened to this episode of Switched on Pop (aka the best podcast ever), and they convinced me to give lo-fi a try: https://switchedonpop.com/episod...
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Totally depends on mood and the type of work. I have very eclectic tastes that can go from Classical all the way to Heavy Metal, R&B, Happy Hardore and worse :-)
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No music. Podcast or audiobooks.
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Personally I like to listen to piano playlists of Pixar or Disney soundtracks. Helps really tap into my creative side. An artist I love is Pogo, check him out on YouTube. Disney piano
try not to sing along to 'A whole new world' πŸ˜‚
Poolside FM!
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Rock/Metal >> BMTH, Solence, falling In reverse, Beartooth, Asking Alexandria, Immenence, AnnIsOkay,...or whatever youtube suggests me along the lines.
Hans Zimmer & Retrowave! Feels like I'm in an epic montage
machine gun kelly
di.fm deep house and deep nu-disco
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Italian disco/techno mixes with uplifting vibes. Classical music doesn't work for me so I try to spice it up.
I mostly listen Alan Walker songs.
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Shameless plug: https://soundescape.io I use it myself while working, ambient soundscapes are one of the best ways to keep productive while working IMO.
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Recently Poolside FM (poolside.fm)