How do you get over rejection during your job search, and keep pushing yourself to apply?

Chris Wray
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As a self-employed person for the past couple of years, and before that I worked for my family's farm, I have struggled in the whole job search area. The day before yesterday, I made it to the final round interview with what I thought was my dream company, and was rejected at the last step. How do you keep pushing yourself to apply and try to get a job even when you hate "selling yourself" and struggle with rejection? Would love your input and advice! Thank you.


Gilad Uziely
Hi Chris! Being rejected sucks... No one likes it so you are not alone on this... I've been rejected and failed many times and I found that failure (although painful) can teach you many things. I would try to run a 'post-mortem' on the job hunt process and see what you could have done better/differently. Also, one of the things that many people undervalue is resilience. Every failure makes you more resilient and stringer for future adventures and experiences. Good luck!
Seterek Lakshit
I will improve on my resume, interviews and get recommendations
Roy Gillbert
Keep moving, even if it's just small steps each day. If you don't, you get stuck, and nobody wants to get stuck, right? If you're rejected - reflect, learn and try again. There's no simple way to get over a rejection (especially if there have been many) but you must remember that you'll find a fit eventually!
Alex Papageorge
Keep in mind, everyone gets rejected from a job. Elon Musk was passed on as a candidate. Bill Gates was too. The point is: If you're passed on for a job, it'd because there's something much greater in store for you 🚀