Do you want a rss read app such as inoreader or feedly ?

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Hello everyone, I am an Android Developer. Do you usually use feedly or inoreader to subscribe to articles you are interested in? In the era of information explosion, it is too difficult to quickly extract these contents. Fortunately, we still have these two high-quality platforms. Thank them! I am not a heavy reader, so I don't need most of their charging services. At the same time, I have used many official and unofficial mobile apps (such as feedme, readable, labre),I found it was not what I wanted to be,Some applications have powerful functions, but the settings are too complex, some application ui are not beautiful, some applications are no longer updated, some applications use basic functions as value-added services, and so on. It doesn't sound like a new idea, but there should be a lot of people like me who need an RSS online reader that is constantly updated and beautiful, easy to use, concise, and good reading experience (also offline, of course)? I call this app focusreader for the time being. I plan to develop an Android version. Most of the basic functions are free. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?


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My content consumption is scattered all over the place now. Few are newsletters to email box, few are in forums, few are in rss readers. It is actually not a pleasant experience. RSS readers are overwhelming with all the discovery options. May be a focused reading app for this would be great. Is RSS going away? Would like to hear your thoughts.
@wilsonbright The question of whether RSS will disappear seems to have been discussed tens of thousands of times. I remember when RSS was thought to be the future, but unfortunately people seemed to forget about it when Google Reader was shut down. This is a good time, because machine learning algorithms have changed the world, we can easily access the content of interest, this is also the worst time, content overload pulling our nerves, people do not want to actively break it. I think Inoreader rekindled the hope of RSS and made us focus more on the content and less on what RSS is. Many people still stick with RSS, right? This app is a gift to myself and to people like me
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@allentown521 Thank you for sharing it. Looks like there's already an audience. Is there an RSS feed aggregator or communities today? It could be worth checking there as well to understand if there are any pain points.
@wilsonbright This app is already under development, and will meet you soon; I would like to know what pain points you have
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I just published an application which is quite similar to a content aggregator like feedly. It, however, has been designed in a minimalistic manner with a search engine interface just like Google News offers. I wouldn't really use an RSS Reader app like Feedly regularly when applications like Google News exist. Unless that application brings something new to the table. For example, my application (Fallacy Filter), which is currently on the Featured list, enables its users to not only read news articles but also analyze and compare them with other similar articles on the web. It generates Similarity Ratings for both the Document and its individual statements. Powered by Natural Language Processing, it is perfect for filtering out false information.
launched already , you can found it here: