How did you create a demo video for your app?

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Hi Makers! Me and my friend has been building a small web app and looking to launch soon and I'm currently making a demo video for it. I've recorded a demo with quicktime player and edited with iMovie but it's kinda static and was wondering if there are any apps/ editing tools I can look into. Ideally I want to make a clean demo video like the one that framer ( has. How did you create your demo video?


Valerie Fenske
my very first demo video was created with Sony Vegas
Myka Javier
Mostly, we have an in-house designer. We use Adobe Premiere.
Monna Lissa Raja
I am planning to do a short demo video for our product as well, and I am thinking of using OpenShot as the video editor since that is free combined with clips from Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder (Google Chrome extension). Framer's video has a lot of effects, and while I think it is achievable in OpenShot, I have not really tried that myself. So goodluck to us!
Parag B.
This may not be relevant to you, but I am the least artistic person around and so video editing was not something I wanted to take on but thought I had to as there was no other option for my limited budget. But I did manage to create several intro / demo videos using freelancers from sites like Upwork and Fiverr. And it worked out surprisingly cheap for me. I know you are looking to create a video yourself, but I just through I would share my experience with you.