Anyone have difficulty prioritizing?

James Reilly
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I have a frustration and I'd love to validate an idea to solves that problem. The Problem: As an indie developer I love simple tools like Trello for managing feature backlog but I find it really difficult to prioritise work when I have a stack of accumulating cards to sift through. I'm familiar with ICE / RICE scoring techniques, but they just feel clunky when dealing with digital boards and I don't want to pay enterprise prices for overly complex tools. I want to remain lightweight. Validation: If you are someone that can associate with this then I'd love to hear your thoughts (and maybe follow up via PM you to discuss). I'm at the validation stage and just getting feedback on the essential things needed to make this into a product. If I have something I can build out fully I'd be happy to heavily discount it for any one free to interview/beta test through the journey :) I'm especially interested in talking to you if you are any of the following: - An indie hacker / bootstrapper with this problem - A remote team with this problem - A small to medium size business/team with this problem - Have trouble / wasting time aligning on OKRs with your team


@james_reilly I certainly relate to this frustration! I try to apply the Eisenhower Matrix to work when I'm stressed to determine how important /urgent it is for me to action it. Generally by being ruthless about only addressing stuff which is both urgent and important I tend to more efficient with my time - but I feel like it's only in the last year or so I've gotten better at this. And I'm still not perfect! I generally tend to fall in and out of love with productivity tools. They can often feel like another thing to do that isn't the work I should be doing.
James Reilly
@abadesi Thank your your reply. Do your tasks tend to be small and autonomous tasks or can they be larger initiatives that involve collective team efforts? If it's also the latter then maybe I can run an idea by you :) I do get the fatigue that comes with using multiple productivity tools though
Daniel Yubi
@james_reilly Hi I'm a product manager so prioritization is the biggest challenge, I also worked 2 years remote so hopefully I can help with something. The sweet spot is something that is: Desirable, Feasible and Viable. -Desire: something a user REALLY needs to solve a pain point - Feasible: Objectively leverage your product or business check out amazon virtuous cycle - basically, the more you add to this pilar the better your product/brand becomes. - Viable: Can you launch this soon, asap, and will it be future proof? So on a new Trello board, create a column of the cards that everything from above applies, and then prioritize from most important to least, and get yourself to work 😀
James Reilly
@danielyubi Thanks for your reply, this is really useful! How do you prioritise from most important to least? Do you have a specific scoring model for that and do you get an engineering team involved in the process? Are there any pain points around it currently?