Customer On-boarding Suggestion required

Sreekanth PM
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Hello Friends, We are developing a product whose target customers are web developers (Freelancers) and Agencies. We planned to have customer onboarding with business email only, but when we interviewed some freelancers and individuals we understood that they prefer to have freemail like gmail or yahoo for signup. So we decided to have freemail signup in which there will be extra validation steps (like OTP), this is to make sure that someone is not spamming the system. Is it wise to have that extra validation for freemail signup or will it turn off the users to go ahead with that?


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My experience is that not not doing validation will dramatically increase spam signups. Apart from validation, make sure you filter out spam emails (lots of libraries for this on Github)) this worked really well for me. Validation through OTP might be a bit heavy to start with, you can just make a validate email step (send a link for the signup to click on to verify their email address(.
@joost_van_hoof Understood. Will think about this. Thanks for the comment
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Im working on an authentication API that eliminates OTPs and Passwords thus making user sign in without any hassle (of remembering passwords or waiting for OTPs)