What were your assumptions trying to raise a seed round and what did you learned?

Nicolas Botti Salici
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Hello everybody My name is Nicolás Botti and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Jane. Jane is a platform for cannabis home growers, we help growers reach harvest and we connect them between each other and with the industry so they feed from their insights and knowledge. We have 20K active users and we are about to launch our Seed Round, we came from Buenos Aires to Boulder Colorado for it(Thanks Canopy Boulder). As we are embarking in this...insane enterprise of asking people to give money I was wondering what your experiences were and what would you say to yourself if you could go back. Or what have you learned. Thanks!


Joe Martin
@nicobotti Congrats on your journey. We just closed a seed round at CloudApp. I think a few things I learned is making sure you have a clear story, know your numbers inside and out, and spend some time visualizing your story and data. We used a tool called Xtensio for a quick visual one pager (they have a template). Also, be prepared to be asked about every possible angle of your business and its finances. Its a great process to really hone in what you want and to get your vision in place. Good luck
Nicolas Botti Salici
@joedmarti Thank you so much, its really helpful to get opinions. We need to keep working to get the "know your numbers inside and out". We feel good though its exciting!
Tammy Martin
When embarking on the journey to raise a seed round, my initial assumptions were centered around the belief that a compelling pitch deck and a well-defined business model would be sufficient to attract investors. However, throughout the fundraising process, I learned that building authentic relationships with potential investors and effectively conveying the market need for our product were equally crucial. It became evident that investors were not only interested in financial projections but also in the passion and dedication behind the venture. Additionally, staying adaptable and open to feedback proved essential in refining our pitch and addressing potential concerns. Moreover, I came across a valuable article (https://www.washingtonian.com/20...) that shed light on emerging trends in the industry, reinforcing the importance of staying informed and aligning our business strategy with market dynamics. Overall, the seed round journey taught me the significance of a holistic approach, blending a compelling narrative, strategic adaptability, and industry awareness to secure investor confidence.