Are there any alternatives to Balsamiq?

Martin Svoboda
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Hi guys, do you know about any alternative to the Balsamiq? I'm looking for a tool for low-fidelity wireframes with the ability to collaborate over the wireframes with my colleagues. I do not want any other functionality from the tool, just focus on the low-fidelity level of details.


Hey Martin, take a look here to get started:
Fernando Cordeiro
For Pluckd, we first stated using Mockplus (which was not collaboratory but fit our needs), but now we just use Figma. So in the end, we are using Figma for both low and high fidelity mockups.
Hussein Yahfoufi
Yes there are but the question is what's wrong wit Balsamiq? Every time I start a new project I waste time looking for alternatives and I try different tools but then I come back to Balsamiq. I already have a license, I know how to use it and it works. I recently started using Figma for design so I will try that as an alternative but it may still be simpler to just use Balsamiq anyways.
Matthew Johnson
Check out - more high fidelity than Balsamiq but super intuitive and fast to use... I love it