Test my Android App "Easy Customer"

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Hello Community - Test my "Easy Customer" for feedback, and post yours so we can do the same :)) Hello all! It's an APP to manage customers from smartphone, saving significant time and money!!! Main APP Features: Customer Data - Create and edit Customer Cards (personal data, address, contacts, notes, ...). Price Proposals - Create quickly Price Proposals - You can send your price proposals in PDF format through email or Whatsapp Photos management - Capture and store your customer's photos. Photos can be exported on a PC or shared via email / WhatsApp Activity - Track automatically all customers activities (phone calls, text messages, e-mails, ...). You can track manual activities too Customer Map - Display Customers on Map. Plan and track easily customers trips thanks to Google Map Integration. PDF Report - Generate "Customers List" and "Customer Detail (data and photos)" Reports. Share Reports through email Import / export tools - Export / import data in XLS format Please feel free to download our App and try it out - ITS FREE! :) https://play.google.com/store/ap... https://www.easycust.com/ Invite your friends/colleagues & Enjoy! Your feedback is highly valuable to use :)
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