Delegating Work

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I personally find it hard to delegate work. Maybe it is because I have gotten used to the idea of working alone. To entrepreneurs and founders that have had the same issue, how did you overcome it? Thanks!


Vijay Viradia
I started same thing.. later I found I need a team. Now i can focus on next idea while team can continue on operation. Let me know, if I can help on your dev work
Alex Devero
The most important factor is trust. You have to find someone you can trust. It will take some time to teach that person all the stuff she needs to know so you can delegate the tasks on her. Then, you have to trust her she can do her job. Most important thing, don't micro-manage. Micro-management and trust don't work together. Micro-management shows only that you don't trust that person, that you don't believe she can do what she is supposed to do. So, no micro-management. No constant supervision. Show her what she needs to know, give her her tasks and then get out of her way. Let her do the job. Aside to this, schedule 1 or 2 weekly checks. It can be at the beginning of the week and at the end. At the beginning you will get clear about the tasks that has to be done in that week. At the end of the week, you will do a review of that week. You will review what went well, what went badly and what can you improve the next week.
@alexdevero well said Alex! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and approach. I'll definitely put it to practice. I just hired my first Software Engineer, so I guess I have made the first step. Thanks again!
Harri Arain
working alone is certainly addictive once you start doing that there is no going back. But every once in a while there is something I need help with no matter how much I try to handle it. Now in a sense asking for professional help might be easy but not being in the loop is something I am not used to. For this particularly I had to employ a remote working App which would mitigate communication issues through record and assign features of the Staff Timer App, not only this owing to the Real Time monitoring i am always on top of my project, i can assign a task individually to as I please. The Staff Timer App really compliments my work especially when I employ remote help. The automated payroll system allows me to set up payrolls for my freelancers. Staff Timer App is a great help for me.