What music do you listen to?

Piotr Gaczkowski
3 replies
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I'm curious to learn what music do you listen to. It could be something you listen to while making or something you do for leisure. Focus music, relaxation music, party music, whatever it is as long as it is music. So, what's a great tune that you can recommend?


Hasan Diwan
If at all, I have EDM playing through headphones
Olzhas B
I mostly listen to hip-hop, with Kanye West being my top-pick. My most listened to song right now is probably "Wash Us in the Blood", can also recommend "Facts (Charlie Heat Version)", "Black Skinhead", "Middle Child", "Power", "Icon" and "Follow God"
Filippo Mursia
Lately I'm listening a lot of old school hip hop, like Jurassic 5