What is a typical day look like for you as a founder?

Emir Atlı
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Caroline Chiari
During COVID: 7am: Wake up 7:15am: Start working on my company (usually coding) 8:30am: Start my day job, and apologize to my product for not paying attention to it, but the day job pays for the side hustle 5pm: Resume working on my company (usually coding) 10pm: Bed Clearly I'm not really launched, and, as a solo founder, I have to do everything.
Antonio Ufano
When I was still working 9 to 5 it was: 6am - wake up, go for a run 7am - breakfast and get ready to work 8am - 9am train commute and work on my side projects 9am -1pm office work (dev) 1pm - 2pm luch time + work on side project 2pm - 5pm coninue office work 5pm - 6pm commute back home + work on side project Now that I'm 100% working on my projects it's: 7am - wake up + stretch exercises 7.30 - 8am - plan my daily tasks 8am - 9am - breakfast + morning walk 9am - 12pm - work 12pm - 1pm - exercise 1pm - 2pm - lunch 2pm - 5pm - work I'm a developer so now that I have my product is built ( https://thelifeboard.app ), I spent most of my time doing marketing, social media, etc... not that fun but it has to be done 😅