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Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Hello Maker, I started to build Sheetpages because i was inspired by an article that I found on Medium about JamStack, I won't bore you with technical details, but let's say Jamstack is a way to create very fast and light web pages, which makes them ideal for marketing and no-code tools. This generator could be useful to many makers who have a million ideas and want to try to validate them in a very short time. Sheetpages generate a super optimized landing pages starting from a spreadsheet. In the Landing page your customers will be able to insert their email which will be saved in the spreadsheet used to generate the site. Landing pages are optimized to be as fast as possible ( Builded with Gatsby ) , you can test your generated landing page with google pagespeed. My purpose at the moment is to separate the functional part from the technical part, we want to focus exclusively on the technical part and leave our users take cares of the functional part. Let's hope this is usefull for you. Next step will be Stripe integration, the possibilities to create lists and an installable mobile version of the customer page. P.s. OPS ... I almost forgot:
Jacob Friis Saxberg
@st3c Is it live yet? It looks interesting, but I got an "This app isn't verified" error when I tried.
@webjay Hello jacob, currently the App is in Beta. I know about that problem. Due to the permissions that my app requires google's verification method is a bit more complex Probably It will take me a few more weeks to get validated by Google. Thanks for the tip :) Stefano
Alex Arevalo
@st3c Great idea and product. I love how you are testing it, it seems you are using your own tech to market test. I think its a slightly crowded space since Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress will try to overshadow you but I really see this as a strong add-on to any of those website builders. Strong exit strategy available and great idea. I would recommend if possible adding some type of demo on your site, it's hard to imagine this transition from excel to website, visualization will help.
Noritaka Kobayashi, Ph.D
@st3c hi, it sound great. I am always looking for such service so that i could create great landing page instantly...! but, i do not why I can not register via gmail.
Hello @noritaka88ta , Yes you are right. Unfortunately, I had problems during the Google verification process. Now I'm fixing them and releasing a new version. If you leave me your email, I will contact you as soon as the new version is available. Thanks for your interest Stefano
Jacob Friis Saxberg
Hello everyone. Greetings from windy Denmark. A friend and I have been working out via video for a few months now. Initially we agreed on a time where we didn't use video, which didn't really push any of us, but when we started using video, we could push ourselves more, but we had to somehow keep track of sets, the planks countdown etc, so I started building a product that can do video and with a set of tools to track sets, countdown etc. It's called Svedig, which means sweaty in danish. Perhaps a bit corny, but that's what you'll get :) I would love if any of you would try it out with a friend or two, and give me feedback on what would make sense to do next in order to get the product to a wider audience. 💪 p.s. Lmk if we should do a quick workout together :)
Jacob Friis Saxberg
@qpagef I agree, I am looking for a designer to help me with that. As an engineer I just use the Lego that Material UI has, and focus on what I'm good at. But I definitely need a better landingpage. Thank you for your review.
Abby Mabe
@webjay Great idea! My only feedback is to update the landing page so it is more clear that it is for working out. I like the box you have that shows the simple 1-2-3 steps to get started.
Jacob Friis Saxberg
@abby_mabe Thank you Abby. I agree. Design is not my skill, have tried and failed. I will focus on finding a freelance designer.
Paul Boudet
@webjay Very good idea. I would recommend spending a little bit more time on the homepage to make it nicer and clearer as other comments mentioned.
eli kimball
@webjay I'm wondering who your accountability buddy would be because I personally wouldn't want to film workouts with a stranger outside of a class context but it would be nice to connect with friends and do this. Maybe you could integrate with peoples fb/ig friends lists and connect that way. Building trust with your users will be key so this is my first thought. Good Luck!
Luca Renga
High-converting Webflow templates for startups - Templates have a bad reputation and for a good reason! We are trying to change that with templates that are beautiful designed, high-converting and cleanly coded.
Viken Patel
@luca_renga Templates are really good, clean and beautiful.
Tasos Valtinos
@luca_renga Nice one! I built my own template using Bootstrap 4 but this is really useful for founders who do not really code and are short in cash to develop a clean landing page. Good one.
Jessica Thomas
@luca_renga Hey this looks cool! I found the end part kind of hard to navigate when selecting the webpage and it follows you around. Cool effect just a bit overwhelming? Well for me anyway.
Romware LLC
@luca_renga Good looking templates. Colors, images and amount of info presented are well balanced. Fonts are clean. On Android device, scrolling through your main page has some responsiveness delay which is a bit annoying (sorry if this is actually some fancy feature you put some effort in). Anyway, thumbs up!
Luca Renga
@jessicaj38 thanks for you feedback, Jessica. I will look into making the effect less invasive. Thanks again!
Monika Ben
Hi everyone! Today we're launching a new and faster way for businesses to accept cashless payments. We made QR Code Payments so that anyone who walks into your store can pay with their phone. No third party app downloads, no registration, no cash & no fees. Just scan the QR code and tap "Pay". If you're selling in person, this might be for you, so make sure to check it out! Thank you ✌️
Katherine Boyarsky
@monika_ben Looks great! Lots of businesses are doing QR menus right now as well so it seems like the right time for something like this. Best of luck!
Mirko Vukušić
Hi all! Javascript developers help needed! launched v1 ( It is a JavaScript code benchmarking playground, like JSPerf but SPA (React and AWS in the back). Was in beta for over 2 years and got almost 2000 users, running about 30.000 tests per month. It's an free (and soon to be OpenSource) project so best help you can offer is to give us some feedback, especially if you do use JavaScript benchmark tools. What do you need to make it better, To make you use it? We have motivation and resources to keep upgrading, but after covering our own usage scenarios we need ideas and real-user use cases. App is here: (sorry for the re-post but it turns out I posted this in the old thread just hours before it ended)
Mike Cao
Hi everyone! I am launching my product Astrofox today and would love for you to check it out and provide some feedback. Thanks!
Farid Gasanov
@mike_cao looking great. I guess DJs and night clubs could be one of the initial users before mass production? Influencer DJs could also popularise Astrofox
John Yeung
@mike_cao interesting project, Mike! Reminds me of (they're targeting podcasters). In general it seems like there's a real need for sharing audio content visually on social media for marketing. Good luck!
John H
@mike_cao Really cool and looks easy to use. Reaching out to youtube channels that have videos with synthesizers (proximity is one of the top of my head) would be great. Small music producers on youtube would also be great for getting the product into user hands.
Hey guys, I've finished writing the initial draft of my first eBook - I will be launching it later this month, currently going into copy-editing phase. So far over 10+ people have put their trust and interest in me and pre ordered! Which is very rewarding. Looking forward to the launch and any feedback is welcome :)
Jessica Thomas
@noy_s Great work! Such a cool idea to share metrics : ) I run a marketplace and you've now got me wondering if sharing some of our metrics - particularly the areas we have genuine challenges with, like marketplace liquidity would also allow our users to understand (and sympathise with?!) our pain points.
@jessicaj38 Thank you Jess! Being transparent definitely helps with the marketing efforts. People are curious by nature and will be drawn to it naturally.
Farid Gasanov
@noy_s Have you tried to run free webinars on the same topic? This could be quite good lead generator for your book. Also, something that could be basic one but still: perhaps share it for free with some people from start-up world who can share his/her views online?
@farid_gasanov Hi Farid, I don't have much experience on running webinars, but the option of sharing with influencers might be an option, where they can share it with their followers and review, do you have anyone in mind?
Oleksandr Senyuk
@noy_s Evreyone likes a success story--gives us all hope! If you haven't already, a couple of standalone articles that relate to experiences you had in your book might help you gain traction, too.
Norah Klintberg Sakal
Never miss an important email ever again. I needed an app that would trigger a phone call whenever I received an important email, but without giving the app full access to my mailbox. So I built one, meet Wakingg; Wakingg will trigger an automated call and will keep on calling you (relentlessly) until you answer, and I'd love your feedback on the concept. Why? 🤔 Notifications won't wake you up. How? 📞 Just add a call rule like "call me between 11 pm and 8 am when my site is down" or "call me when I receive an email from my boss between 11 pm and 6 am" Then set up automatic email forwarding to the email address we provide or use our webhooks. We don't need any access to your mailbox. (For) what? 📬 We'll call you when... - Your site is down (we also have webhooks) - You receive an important email from your boss - A customer starts to chat with your live chatbot - You're sleeping, and your AWS budget is exceeded - You're sleeping, and your phone is in "Do Not Disturb" mode
Farid Gasanov
@norah_klintberg_sakal It definitely solves the problem. But could it be too small issue to solve for someone to get and download the app? Sorry, being brutally direct here! It just reminded me Whatsapp history, when Jan Koum, co-founder & CEO of whatsapp initially wanted to build an app that shows statuses next to the individual names of the users. But that seemed to be too small issue to solve, and the messenger was the answer.
Roger Rosweide
@norah_klintberg_sakal Hi Norah, I like the idea and I think your website is quite clear and understandable. I too think it might be a bit small issue to solve and the monthly fee of 10 dollar is a bit steep. Have you thought about different pricing models and products instead of a single subscription + fee. I fear your enemy is the status quo: people might not know they need this and 10 dollar is nearly the same price as a Netflix subscription. Doesn't really compare is all I'm saying.
John Yeung
@norah_klintberg_sakal the "not giving the app full access to my mailbox" part resonated. I don't have an immediate need for this yet, but will check back later when I do
Norah Klintberg Sakal
@farid_gasanov Thank you so much for your honesty and taking the time to check it out, I truly appreciate it. I didn't know that about the initial thoughts behind Whatsapp, interesting, thanks for sharing. The idea might only be solving a small problem in a very narrow vertical, so I'll think about it further. Thanks again for being direct.
Norah Klintberg Sakal
@rogerrossi Thank you for your feedback Roger! I've been thinking about the pricing model, and your feedback made me reevaluate, I might need to reconsider the model altogether. Do you think a fixed amount pricing of X could be used for Y calls instead of a monthly fee? A usage-based pricing model where users buy X amount of calls in advance might be a more suitable pricing model. Thank you again for taking the time to try it out, being frank about the pricing model, and for your valuable thoughts, I really appreciate it.
Hi everyone, finuprise wants to empower you to make an impact through your direct investments. You can vote by investing, without spending hours checking whether your investment fits your values. No minimum amount, curated information, and the choice to share your portfolio. We are currently early-stage, building a user waitlist and working on building a prototype. The website is and would love any feedback!
Farid Gasanov
@gaialiciabalossi I like the name, finuprise! I am not a designer, but perhaps think of using a bit softer fonts? These seem to look a bit old-style. Nevertheless, you have got me to subscribe to the waitlist :)
Daniel Li
@gaialiciabalossi Hello Gaia. I get why someone might want to toss a few coins and feel good about investing in say green energy. I think the good feeling needs to be more prominently displayed. Like a gold star or green leaf for doing something good for the world. For example, Prius outsold Insite because Prius drivers can better show off how green they are. Because that is the value I get as a user. I would suggest to change the color scheme to a softer green, since a lot of impact investing is to help the environment.
@penpaperpencil Daniel, thank you for your feedback! very interesting and good point with making the users feel good. Will definitely work on it
Seeking Illustration work
Hi everyone! I just launched a new Kickstarter this morning to raise funds to create enamel pins for Spoonies (people with chronic illnesses)! You can check it out at :D
Hi ! Stop slouching on your PC with BackWatcher, it alerts you as soon as you slouch thanks to real time webcam tracking. I recently updated my website, the desktop app and I changed the pricing plan. I added the minimized window feature to the app. What do you think of the updated app and the new website ? Link -->
@shaker_curious this is a much needed tool and I was really excited to get started with it! I can't test it (yet) as I'm on a mac and iphone. I've shared some feedback on the landing page below and I'd love to test it out when it's available on for a mac. All the best! - Text and buttons on the hero are quite large and almost jump out at you so I think they could be reduced in size so that they're visible enough but not too "in your face" - I personally don't like that "Buy" is a red button because I subconsciously assign red with something bad - perhaps the "Free trial" button could be in green text with no fill and the "Buy" button could be white text with green fill - For the hero image, I think a video demo of the tool working and alerting a user could be more helpful than the current media - I think you've got a good one off pricing strategy - I like the about you section which connects well with me and encourages me to try out the tool - If you have some testimonials then I think it can enhance your page and encourage visitors to convert to users
@krupali_patel Thank you so much for your precise and helpful advice, I will try to redesign the buttons and add a testimonial section
Jochem Gerritsen
@shaker_curious I like the idea - I have a Chrome plugin myself (PostureMinder) but all it does is show a regular notification which I can simply ignore. I think a solution like yours would work well! However, considering privacy, I'm very much used to keep the cover in front of my webcam — and it would take a lot for me to keep my camera uncovered all the time. So perhaps I'm not the ideal target group here?
@jochemgerritsen I understand that you can feel uncomfortable with the webcam with all what we hear from the news. I think that if someone has access to your webcam it is already late because he already have access to your keyboard and all your personal data (bank account, ID card...). Webcam record your face most of the time and it is already publicly available. Finally you can install a firewall that will track any data that could be sent from your PC. I hope that it will convince you, otherwise you can use a removable cover.
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Viken Patel
I recently launched SEO tool to generate the rich snippet code to increase the visibility on search engine result page(SERP). This tool will help you generate FAQ Page Schema code without any technical knowledge. Please check this tool and share you feedback.
Remco Pander
Frydge helps you search recipes with ingredients you have at home. I wrote it because I'm not a great cook and found myself throwing away stuff too often. Hope it is useful for others too!
Gabrielė Jusaitytė
@pannekoek Great idea, I can relate to that! 😅 I'm most intrigued about getting notified when ingredients are about to expire! Will definitely check it out!
Oleksandr Senyuk
@pannekoek Definitely useful! Maybe the fact that Frydge is available where Chefling isn't is a good point to make. Can't wait to see how the story on the website develops.
Nachiket Patel
Hi everyone! I've launched Spell Inspector, a Figma Plugin which helps in accurately finding and correcting spelling errors for the English language. It will correct typos and misused words in minutes. It will surely be a useful plugin for designers. Plugin link: Please share your valuable feedback! :)
Neel Patel
@patelnachiket Tool would be a great addition to the design community! Thank you for building it. Already passed the link to my design team :)
Tasos Valtinos
Hi Makers! Talking to hundreds of founders made us realise that timing is everything. Especially when you are short on cash. We built a mobile app for founders to post their startup problems and match with founders who solved similar ones in the past. In that way we save them time and money while they are growing their startups. Check out our product demo here: The app is free and available for both ios and android.
John H
@tasos_valtinos This is a great idea. It is difficult to find people who have the same problem as you. On the profile setup page on the app, the what's your superpower section is a little confusing. I understand what you are trying to say, but maybe listing a few simple examples would clear things up. The suggestions that are given are also a bit confusing and some are non-related (Example: 1H NMR,21st century skills) Overall, looking forward to trying it out!
Knight 
I build a listing for developer that looking for Github Sponsor using totally #nocode , looking to launch at producthunt tomorrow, looking for feedback
Gtobinda Tarafdar
Hello Makers, Recently, weDevs (where I have worked), launched a simplified email marketing service within WordPress: weMail, Looking forward to your opinion. Thanks a lot.
On My Deck has had some updates over the last week or so. We're a site for sharing your all time favourite songs. We're looking for feedback and BETA testers - you can share without signing's 100% free. Visit us here: Upvote here: NEW FEATURES: - latest releases for GB, US, FR, DE and KR added weekly - song lyrics now come in automatically - links to all the top streaming platforms now show - use our song pages as a spring board to share songs with people no matter what platform they subscribe to - song facts are now shown - we will show some great info on songs where we can - all shared songs show on our twitter and instagram profiles so people can get involved (you need to sign up to comment/like/follow) Next job - add tour date listings
Giovanni Cascio
@onmydeckmusic Hey Simon, cool project! I agree with @converter_365, I just clicked through OnMyDeck to get the concept but you cant expect that from the common consumer. A clear value proposition with visual content to underline it would be grate to engage users. I know it can be a pain to create that content but I think it would be definitely worth it.
James Skarzynski
Hi everyone! I'm looking for feedback on my SaaS Newsletterfy. Newsletterfy is a newsletter sign-up form builder that automatically adds submissions to your Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or (soon to be) ConvertKit. All forms are fully customizable and completely inline. They include full recaptcha integration and custom callbacks. I'd appreciate knowing what everyone thinks!
Utsav Patel
@jamesskarzynski I would move the how it works video above. Overall looks nice.
Matthew Behan-Fossey
@jamesskarzynski Nice work. What differentiates your product from other form builders and what was your motivation for building this?
James Skarzynski
@matthewbf Hi Matthew! The main problem is that there just wasn't a good alternative that would add your contact right into your audience on MailChimp or Constant Contact. They all either had your users sent to an intermediary page, or made you manually port the submissions over to your desired host. If you wanted to build your own form, it's not necessarily hard, but it is time consuming. Between handling form input, interfacing with the mail provider's API, etc., it just was time that didn't really need to be spent. On top of that, I couldn't find a site that provided custom callbacks (for customizability), recaptcha (for safety), or the ability to style the form yourself (for design).
Oleksandr Senyuk
@jamesskarzynski Looks like it's a very neat and handy tool! I couldn't tell what the differentiator was either. I didn't realize your product is solving a different problem than the one they have: most are just looking for another form builder. Maybe if you mention at the top of the page the things you don't need to do the USP will be clearer.
Roman Tesliuk
Great products here! You guys rock! Here's a small tool we've just built: A quick tab switcher for Chrome, that helps you navigate through dozens of open tabs. A few things it can help you with: 🕵🏻‍♂️Find tabs by titles or matches within pages 🏕Close tabs when work is done 🔇Mute audio 📌Pin tabs you visit often ⌨️There’s a shortcut for every action ⏱Suspend unused tabs to save memory - coming soon :) 🦇It comes in black If that's something you find useful, feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think :) Have a great start of the week 💪🏽
Maxwell Asper
@roman_tesliuk Very cool landing page - understood it immediately. This is very useful for someone like me who has trouble closing tabs.
Roman Tesliuk
@maxwell_asper Thanks so much! Yup, we were also having the same issues, eventually built it for ourselves and decided to share it with whoever finds it useful 😊 Feel free to give it a try and let me know what you think 🙏🏽
Stephan Arenswald
@roman_tesliuk Apart from the fact that this is probably the most useful Chrome extension ever, I really like the design of your page. It is clear right from the start what it does and how it may help. Very well done!
Oleksandr Senyuk
@roman_tesliuk Really like the suspend tabs feature, would like to try it when that comes out! Such a nicely demonstrative landing page, too. Simple page for a simple tool. Nice!