How do I alert others that my chrome extension needs to chat with them?

Andrew Tian
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I'm not sure currently how to make a chrome extension we're developing alert the user that we need to chat with them after we've been able to secure an eBay item for them (last-minute bidding). We have a few ideas - have the Chrome icon spin around. the user notices and clicks on our chrome extension menu item. - have the "background script" -> "content script" inject intercom onto the current page they're on. The main concern for the 2nd option is that it may appear intrusive for example when they're in Gmail or any other site where our native functionality is useful (we only work on eBay). Happy to any ideas from previous chrome extension founders.
Chrome extension icon spins around
Chrome extension injects intercom into current page


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Would it be possible to put some kind of (red?) notification badge on the Chrome extension icon instead, as a notification indicator? Spinning around seems like an odd way of getting attention, while injecting intercom into the current page is intrusive as you said, and surely might clash if the page is already using Intercom?