Have you ever worried about discrimination from investors when you're fundraising?

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This could be in regard to anything from your age, gender, race, disability, or socio-economical background.


Deepak Joshi
It worries me a lot. Investors are greedy people who invest only in good ideas ignoring the bad ones. That is so unfair. Bad ones deserves equal investment too! xd
Roch Mamenas
Yes and I've been discriminated in the past quite a lot for being on the spectrum. Apparently as soon as people hear I have Aspergers, suddenly it stops being important that I speak 8 languages, that I am an IT architect, that I have an incredible passionate team working with me or that we have execution and with little to no funds managed to get much further than many companies who were given millions. It's sad but that's how the world is, your only best bet is to stop giving a f* and just push forward completely ignoring the things that may demotivate you.