Is Affinity the future for design professionals?

Guido Scheffers
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Like many graphic designers i work with the 'holy trinity' of Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. These are the tools to my bread and butter, so very important. However, the price, the unnecessary updates and switcheroos in my most used tool bars are annoying. But most important, that feeling that i'm paying a strangling subscription for stuff i don't need in a big 'creative suite' packages. And every year the renewal where they try to make me pay a higher amount. One call with the Adobe elpdesk and some guy helps me through on a dodgy way so i pay 30% less. That's great, but it feels like there's a total randomness to what people need to pay. Affinity is the 'new' kid on the block, showing us that the holy trinity can be build simple and works way faster, and for a price that's just a fraction of the subscription of Adobe. But... having to learn basic stuff again, feeling lost just because i know i can fix something in Illustrator in seconds, but need 15 minutes in Affinity Designer. No smart layers in Affinity, so no easy mock-up adjustments like in photoshop... is it possible to overcome this?


Guido Scheffers
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