Need landing page feedback

Alex Conway
2 replies
Just launched new landing page for our website. Please give us feedback: Convert your time & human intelligence into money We won the ETHGlobal hackathon back in April: Building on Ethereum.


Gustavo Elesbao
Hey Alex, I'll give you 4 simple tips that will improve your design, 1° always use high quality images, 2° never leave your logo in low quality (always try svg for logos and icons), 3° use consistently spacing between items to create a more harmonious design and lastly, 4° don't forget, less design is more, always try to make your design as simple and functional as possible, because it's no use having a Awesome design visually but not having an easy design for its user. So Alex, that's it, keep it up so each time you'll be evolving more and more everyday. PS: I'm from Brazil, so my english is not so good, so sorry if there is any mistake, that's it and good luck.