Jan 28th Meetup Hosts: How To Organize Your Meetup

Aaron O'Leary
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Hi everyone! It's been great chatting with you in onboarding calls, we are so excited for the 28th of January! The next steps for planning your meetup are: 1. Create an account on meetups.producthunt.com 2. Email meetups@producthunt.com confirming your account email address and the city you are hosting in 3. Once we update your account to be a host for your city, you will be able to create an event page and start inviting people. Event pages will be integrated into our site in January so website visitors can sign up to join the meetup closest to them. If you have not joined an onboarding call you have three options. 1. Watch a recording here 2. Join one on Weds 8 Jan at 3pm PT 3. Join one on Thurs 9 Jan at 8am PT I've included the link to join future onboarding sessions in our helpful next steps doc here. We also have a dedicated inbox for all your meetup queries! Email us at meetups@producthunt.com We're so excited to work with you 🥳. Please aim to have your meetup page created by Monday 13 January as we're planning lots of public announcements that week.
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