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Petri Maatta
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The custom SEO project management software was built to help us manage 100+ SEO clients. I'm thinking if other SEO's or agencies would be interested in using this software to manage their SEO clients and projects? Features: - Dashboard - Daily keyword tracking (per project) - Tasks & Projects overview - Track Countries where clients signed up from - Projects - Projects Overview - Add New Project - Choose service level: ie. Basic, Medium, Advanced - Preferred payment method: Bank transfer, Paypal etc. - Add keywords - Add country for rank tracking:,, etc. All countries included. - Assign contact person to project (on clients side) if owner is too busy to manage the seo - Change Project status: - Active Projects - Unpaid - Pending - Cancelled - Keyword tracking - Daily Weekly Monthly BL (how many backlinks) Tasks - Add single task - What needs to be done: - Assign task to specific user - Start/due tracking (OPTIONAL) - Detailed Descsription for this task (OPTIONAL) - Uupload file (OPTIONAL) - Choose priority of this task:NONE, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH - Add multiple tasks - Assign task to specific user - Assign as many tasks as you want Todo onboarding new client tasks (can be submitted by client or user) 1. Submit FTP login 2. Add Website login 3. Add Keywords 4. Make website mobile friendly 5. Short BIO about CEO 6. Upload photos of CEO 7. Upload Staff info 8. Create blog on website 9. Content strategy 10. Add company certificates 11. Add Business organizations 12. Backup protocol Users - Add New user - Usertypes: project manager, linkbuilder, content writer, social media, programmer - User Roles: user, groupleader, teamleader - Assign: assign user to specific team - Reports - Daily keyword tracking (for logged in client) - Create and send SEO ranking reports - From/to Date * - Keyword rankings report (standard) - Include completed tasks in report - Include pending tasks in report - Include personal note in report - Email report automatically to client - Productivity - Add Milestone (per project) - Clients can submit tickets to you/you can reply directly inside the dashboard - Additional functions - Upload files - Save links - Save FTP Details - Save WP login details - Payments via Paypal (api) is supported but not implemented per client.
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