No-Code NYC Community launching 2020

Al Chen
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Last month, Webflow hosted a No-Code Conference in San Francisco and over 400 people showed up. I've been building "no-code" tools and apps in spreadsheets for 10+ years (I spoke about this at the conference) and it's awesome to see this community blossom. My friend Erik and I are working together to create this community on the east coast, and started No-Code: NYC: We're seeing more makers build external websites and internal tools for their team without code. If you're based in NYC and have an interest in redefining the tools you use to build stuff, we hope you will join our IRL community. Our first meetup will coincide with Product Hunt's global meetup on January 28th!


Cassie SM
This is great! I actually met Connor Finlayson, one of your speakers at the No-Code Conference, in Wellington NZ. Will be attending 👏🏼
@cassie_shih1 awesome! We're not actually affiliated with the no-code conference that took place last year, but excited to have you!