Get to the top of your career

Kaniyarasu Duraisamy
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Where do you stand when it comes to your career? Where do you want to be? Get insights based about your career, skillset(tech, managerial, ..) to be improved/developed, trending skillset and matching courses. Public/Private portfolio with data from multiple sources. Develop your career, be on the top of your career. Does it looks like marketing content, I am planning to build the product which help people learn about their career insight, where they are lagging, what are the skill set to be improved/developed, What people in same career level does? As developer, always have to be improve and develop new skill to stay competitive but I didn't find any career advice/insights. So what do you feel about this idea? Let's discuss! Thanks :)


Amanda Trincher
Right now, I'm just thinking about the direction of digital marketing, which looks very promising. For example, here is a good tutorial that can tell you where to start and what you can achieve.