As Startup School Winter 2020 enrollment is now open, what startups/ideas are you pitching?

Mahesh Shrestha
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Joel Loyol
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Mariam Rustamyan
Hello! I am thinking to apply with my Navitapp - smart itinerary planner. I hope wasting time on travel planning is enough huge problem to spend time on solution.
Mandy Fong
A messaging app allowing locks and rotating leadership.
Jairus Martin
We took part in the Summer 2019 SS and it was great but our idea wasn't fully-formed yet and we were pre-launch. In preparing for SS S20 we have launched a digital health coaching platform that seeks to make consulting with experts in the areas of nutrition, sleep, and mental health more affordable and accessible than consulting with professionals in-person.
Ignacio Jimenez Navarro
Hello everyone, Thanks for posting it! I'm already completing the application to present our project, ExLide. We at Exlide aim to radically change the way that professional presentations are made today, helping workers to have more time available to bring real value to their jobs and freeing them from repetitive and boring tasks. I believe this kind of SaaS products are well-received in these kind of programs. So...fingers crossed!
Valentin Radu Design app tailor-made for UIs. For now, it fills the gap between Sketch/Adobe XD etc and code. A tool that allows UX/UI designers to build #nocode user interfaces flexible enough to allow reusability and composition on the developers side.
Hanna Barzakouskaya
The service is aimed to define diagnostic measures necessary to assess health condition of every user and not only find existing diseases, but also identify pathological risks.