What do you think is necassary order to run a good product hunt launch?

Alice Styles
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good spelling
Jay Signorello
A few ideas from my observations over time: 1) Make a quality product. Hate to be obvious here, but if you launch an overly complicated buggy product, you will not get traction. A product that is simple, solves a real problem, is easy to use, and just works will always win. 2) A product that the Product Hunt audience is likely to utilize or find value in. If you've posted a product and it doesn't get lots of upvotes, worry not! It just might not be the right audience and you may need to find another site to promote it. 3) Incorporate a demo video that explains the value the product creates for users. Our attention spans are short these days, given the amount of media we consume on a daily basis. Make it easy for us to understand without requiring us to use our imaginations. 4) Make getting started dead simple. If the user needs to signup, make the form as short and as pain free as possible. 5) Self-compassion. Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go perfectly. Some hunters might give you some harsh feedback. Don't take it personally. Use it to learn how to move your product forward. 6) Show gratitude towards people who take the time to give you the feedback, even if it hurts to hear it.