What happened to PH's chat?

David Barneda
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Rick Somar
Don't know, but i missed it
Jerwin Joshuah
It was removed as some folks were misusing it and spamming random people.
Emmanuel Hadoux
@jerwin_joshuah That's a shame, it was really useful. I mean, I understand the move but maybe only allowing people with a minimal number of contributions (that would be reviewed) would prevent that in the future.
Jerwin Joshuah
@emmanuelhadoux I would've preferred a feature where a message can be sent to a user only when they accept a certain request. The maximum messages to new users per day could've been limited to 5 to avoid spamming. I was having some quality conversation with a few makers and everything was gone in a jiffy.
Alex Barlow
Hmm, this is also an interesting product chat in itself. What do you do when users tell you they love a feature you have just canned? I guess it was a choice between lost users turned off by spam or potentially losing users by killing a liked feature. I would choose to kill the spam. I was thinking the other day how LinkedIn's value is eroding because of spam levels. Users have been telling me how they now remove their work email address and other info.
Jerwin Joshuah
@alex_barlow What you have said about Linkedin is very true. It has become a hunting ground for sales teams and job seekers. Linkedin's sales navigator is just being a catalyst to all of this.