Which SaaS tools does your team use the most?

Parham Negahdar
4 replies
We're trying to integrate a bunch of SaaS tools at https://cloudsynth.com and want to know how to prioritize them. So as the title suggests which SaaS tools do you or your team use for getting work done. Things we've integrated with: - Github - Gitlab - Trello - Jira - Jenkins - CircleCI - PagerDuty - Sentry - Phabricator - Google Calendar Curious what else is popular out there. Thanks!


Co-Founder Biteplay
Github + Trello + Whatsapp (small team)
Marketing at Geckoboard
Monday.com is a tool that we actively use!
due.work We used mostly + GitHub Projects + Adobe XD + VSCode
SaaS Lover, Growth Marketer
Try EngageBay It's a complete marketing, sales & service CRM tool for small businesses and startups. Cheers!