Which is the best place to get first users? (Web app for marketing)

Rick Somar
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Wilson Bright
I used Reddit, PH, FB Groups and IndieHackers for getting feedback and first time users.
Rick Somar
@wilsonbright never used IndiHackers before, what is the type of traffic out there?
Wilson Bright
@henrique_chappuis_ramos Its good. Lot of great discussion and feedback out there. https://www.indiehackers.com/
Christian Langenberg
@wilsonbright How can you get the feedback from Reddit?
Felipe Almeida
@christian_langenberg @wilsonbright Were the feedbacks qualified? I thought about using redditors feedback but wasn't really trusting the quality.
José Moré
For mobile games and apps Beta Family has an awesome community
Jose Montaro
Google Store. If we are talking about mobile games always Ithing about Steam.
IndieHackers is pretty good. There are also specific listing websites like Betapage and Betalist, etc.
John Bauer
indie hackers, facebook groups, linkedin groups, reddit, quora